Aircraft Acquisition


Aircraft Acquisition & Sales

Whether you are looking to purchase or lease an aircraft there are four main components to a successful acquisition:
• Understanding the client’s priorities
• Understanding value through market experience and due diligence
• Executing the deal in a timely manner
• Coordinating the purchase/delivery.

We can greatly simplify and guide you through the acquisition process due to our extensive experience and industry knowledge. Our objective is to present detailed, unbiased and accurate information that will allow a fully informed decision to be made.

Purchasing an aircraft is not an everyday occurrence and there are a lot of things to consider such as acquisition location, ownership structure and registration, taking into account; liability, tax implications, maintenance providers, insurance, pilots and day to day operation.

It is also extremely important to understand the costs involved with owning and operating an aircraft and the opportunities available to mitigate these costs with potential income streams such as airshow and event displays, passenger flights, filming, charter flights and much more.

If you are considering selling your aircraft please talk to us as we have years of experience in the aviation sector and have built up and developed many worldwide relationships with aircraft brokers, dealers, service providers, operators, and prospective clients.